Welcome to Pinode

Raspberry Pi backed cloud hosting from $5/month

Interested in the Raspberry Pi but don't have time to buy and configure one?

Everyone's excited about the Raspberry Pi. But not all of us have time to get the machine and set it up. Raspbian/Arch/Raspbmc/... what's all that about? It's all much too complicated. Well, we've bought one for you and we've put it in the cloud!

At Pinode we provide all the raw, unfettered power of a Raspberry Pi as a simple, easy-to-configure cloud platform as a service. Just sign up and we'll automatically configure a Pi in our data center with the operating system of your choice. Log in, and you're ready to go!

Our data center, yesterday

Your questions, answered

Is this for real?

Just sign up and you'll see exactly how real we really are!

Will Pinode harm the environment?

Raspberry Pis use very little electricity, so they're very environmentally friendly. Also, all of the code behind our platform is made of ethically-sourced CoffeeScript running on a sustainable Node.js, and is hand-crafted by artisanal programmers near Old Street, London, UK. So if you're based nearby, it's local too!

Aren't you kind of missing the point of the Raspberry Pi?

I'm sorry, I don't understand. The point? Um, cloud... platform-as-a-service... Big Data... mobile-first... responsive... non-skeuomorphic flat interfaces... lightweight virtualization... Ember.js... crowdfunding... something...